Back when feature phones were mainstream, we were satisfied with the simple emoticon of the colon-parenthesis combo to express our feelings via text. With the arrival of animated stickers, our means to communicate have become much more elaborate with character-driven illustrations.

Since version 5.0, WeChat has continuously released new stickers for its users to share among friends. Version 5.1 made things even more interesting by adding fancy animations. If you’re new to WeChat and want to dabble in these lovely cartoon characters, simply go to the app’s Me tab and tap the Sticker Shop menu.

As you browse along, you’ll easily identify many faces in popular culture: Sheriff Woody of Toy Story, Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, and more. Some stickers can only be had after purchase, but some are readily available for free. In fact, some famous celebrities in the Philippines have similar personalities with a couple of characters in the WeChat Sticker Shop.

WeChat Sticker Elise, Cynical Rabbit

Take Elise, for instance. This cookie-cooking champion of Sweet Town is quite reminiscent of our very own Iya Villania of ASAP and MYX fame. Both are sweet, adept at baking, and the epitome of feminine sweetness. On the other hand, if sarcastic humor is what keeps you rolling, check out the WeChat Sticker Shop’s Cynical Rabbit. Pretty much like Vice Ganda, this guy uses polarizing humor to convey opinion.

I’m sure you’ll find a sticker that bears similarity to your distinctive qualities. For one, Nervous Boy quite reminds me of my shy nature. What’s your WeChat sticker personality?

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