While it is true that there are many mobile spy tracker apps available, one popular spy tracker app is called Hoverwatch. The reasons why the spy tracker is popular compared to other spy apps are many. One reason is that the spy tracker app offers the best options for tracking. Moreover, the spy tracker app for Android devices has managed to garner extensive positive customer reviews online.

By using Hoverwatch, you will realize the fact that the phone tracker app has various critical features and functions which makes it the best-preferred spying tool. The spy tracker app is considered to be convenient and affordable compared to other applications available.

Why use the application for tracking on the phone

There are various reasons why you may need to use Hoverwatch. You can employ the use of the spy tracker app for tracking or spying on your children, spouse, and even employees. Moreover, you can employ the use of the spy tracker app for tracking or locating your stolen phone or the location of the phone user.

When you use the program to track your child/children, you are able to keep your little one away from harm’s way. While it is true that web access is good for kids, it also has its own various disadvantages. The Web is littered with bullies, scammers, and sexual predators that are always able to harm your child, especially if the internet communications are not being supervised. Since Hoverwatch can spy on the different phone applications, it makes it possible to ensure that your child is not exposed to any services that are high-risk.


Tracking your employees using Hoverwatch does not have to mean that you do not trust them. It should mean that apart from protecting your best interests, you are also benefiting your employees even if they may not know that.

Monitoring employees ensure that they are doing the right thing or performing tasks that are productive for the business or company and not spending working hours doing personal things.

Catching of a suspected cheating spouse has also been made possible through the use of the Hoverwatch.

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Monitor the location of the Android phone of your spouse/partner that you have installed this app on and also be able to collect a variety of information
including calls and text messages to confirm or disprove your fears about your
partner cheating.

How to Use the Spy Tracker App Free Of Charge

You can use the trial or the free version of the spy tracker app. That means you do not have to incur any costs to experience just what Hoverwatch can do for up to about 1 week. The trial version offers almost, if not all, of the features that are provided by paid membership or the subscription packages.


Once you have tested the working of the spy app and you are satisfied with the result then you can choose and subscribe to any of the three subscription packages provided. The subscription plans are group into personal, family and business plans with each having different features in some other aspects and also differing on pricing.

How to Install the Application and What Data You Can Get

Installing the spy tracker app Hoverwatch on your android device is as simple as one plus one.
Consequently, here is the simple process of downloading and installing the
program on your mobile devices.

  • Sign up

You have to first register/sign up for your free account online. You simply visit the https://www.hoverwatch.com website and then you will see the “sign up free” button. In the sign-up section, you are required to provide your email and choose any password.

  • Prepare devices

After sign up, you will be redirected to a section of the Hoverwatch website where you are supposed to download the mobile tracker app. Choose the Android device option as there are also options for Windows Pc and Mac devices. After choosing the Android device section of downloading the app, just click the “Download” button.

Once the spy tracker app has finished downloading, simply proceed to install it on an Android device from the account you opened online.

  • Start watching

Once the spy program has been installed on the chosen device, you are now able to monitor or track various activities executed by the phone. You are able to monitor various types of information recorded through your online account including:

  • Text and MMS messages
  • Monitoring of device location through the use of GPS, cell towers and Wi-Fi signals
  • Calls
  • Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp messages, audio recordings and videos
  • Front camera photo
  • Contacts
  • Android screenshots
  • Internet activities

A Story about Using the Spy Tracker App for Tracking

One story that was published by www.mirror.co.ukat around January 2018 just highlighted how important spy tracker apps like Hoverwatch are. The story goes that a teacher by the name Catharine Higginson discovered by accident that his husband was spying on her using a mobile spy app.

The teacher narrated that she was in a school building that did not have a mobile device reception. That led to her missing a text from her bank which had an activation code for the purpose of making a financial transfer which was important.

When she eventually got home, she started apologizing to his husband who calmly replied that she should not worry. That is because he had already sorted out the issue since he was able to read her messages.

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While the finding concerning his husband being able to read her messages did shock her, after a long time she was able to accept that that was an important safety precaution taken. She also managed to remember that his husband told her about installing the app but she really was not concerned then about all the things it was capable of doing.

Using the spy installed on her phone, his husband was able to locate the family phones. The husband had also installed the apps on the phones of their kids too. The teacher was of the view that phone spy apps are not only meant for catching a cheating partner but can also help in terms of locating the children or even her especially since her car kept breaking down.For that reason, she accepted that it is okay for his husband to continue monitoring her.

What we can learn from this story is that before installing a spy tracker app on someone’s phone it is important that you inform him/her in advance. Moreover, the use of apps like spy tracker app can also be used for other legitimate reasons apart from not just catching cheating spouses or monitoring children/employees.

Conclusion and recommendation

In conclusion, the many possible uses of a spy tracker app for Android are the reason why we cannot do without them. Just always remember that using the apps can get you into trouble particularly if your monitoring activities are illegal according to your local laws. You must responsibly use the mobile spy apps.

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