Carbonn BHS-110 Bluetooth Headset Review: Neckband Design and Affordable Php999 Price Tag!

Bluetooth accessories are plentiful these days, but they can also be pretty expensive. This is especially true of Bluetooth headsets that can sometimes go for Php4k or more. Enter the Carbonn BHS-110 Bluetooth Headset, designed to be worn as a neckband with two wired in-ear buds coming out of each end. It’s not a common design to be sure, but it is gaining popularity. What will attract you to it though is the price tag: Php999.

Build Quality and Design

BTS-110 Neckband Design

The neckband design of the BHS-110 means you can easily continue to wear it even when you’re not using them.This is in contrast to regular earbuds that you would tend to remove and store when not in use.


The wire clips and sockets at each end of the band allow for easy storage of the BHS-110. The wire clips help keep the earbud wires in place while the magnetic sockets hold on to the earbuds themselves.

Magnetic buds

As innovative as the neckband design is, the materials used leave a little to be desired. The matte neckband is super flexible but could be subject to accidental nicking and bending. The shiny plastic housing at the ends of the band also feels a little too light for my liking.



The Carbonn BHS-110 covers all of the basic features you would expect from a Bluetooth headset. The controls are all located on the left side of the band, giving you access to play or pause tracks, answer or end calls, and adjust the volume. The power switch is on the same side, although it’s hidden away underneath. There’s also an LED light to indicate whether the BHS-110 has been paired or not.

Sound Quality

For its price, I wasn’t expecting much. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t disappointed. Audio quality isn’t perfect, but at least it doesn’t sound like it’s being played from a tin can. There’s a good amount of bass, although it’s a bit muddy. Thankfully, this should easily be remedied by replacing the paper thin earbud caps that come with the BHS-110 with a thicker pair if you have one lying around.


Bluetooth headsets are plentiful enough, but there aren’t many that you’ll find under Php1k, and certainly not any that feature a neckband design as the Carbonn BHS-110 does. It offers almost unbeatable value, delivering decent audio quality and innovative design that’s hard to find at this price.

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