Caviar, the same company behind some of the most expensive renditions of popular tech gadgets, has claimed another addition to its list of luxury products with the custom AirPods Max, made out of pure gold.

Designed for individuals “who wants to always be on top,” the opulent peripheral will come in variants of black and white, and a price tag of $108,000 each.

An epitome of value since time immemorial, Caviar chose pure aurum for the product as it “looks elegant, emphasizing the status of the owners and their impeccable taste.”


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In another Apple-related product, the same Russian company recently also made a custom iPhone 12 Pro casing, which was touted for inhabiting a valued piece of tech history—a small portion of Apple I’s circuit board.

The notion was subsequently debunked after suspicion arose that the accessory would be selling at a loss at $9,990, considering the now-rare Apple I’s highly-priced hardware (no less than $400,000 at auction).

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