DIZO, a Realme sub-brand, arrived in the Philippines and launched tons of audio devices and other accessories. Today, we’re taking a look at the three of them: the DIZO GoPods Neo, GoPods D, and DIZO Wireless.

Let’s start with the DIZO GoPods Neo. Priced at Php1,999, this is the fanciest of the three audio devices we’re checking out today.


The fit was surprisingly great, albeit people with smaller ears may not appreciate its shove-it-in-your-ear design. Like I always do, I immediately switched to the largest ear tip before testing. Make sure you use the right size results to the best possible fit and sound quality.

Speaking of sound, the GoPods Neo gives thumping bass and acceptable treble. Volume is also ample. Bottom line is, I’m quite surprised by how good it sounds, especially when you consider the price.


Possibly the highlight feature here is the active noise cancellation (ANC), which works surprisingly well in blocking constant noises like an electric fan, engine hum, and others.

The transparency mode is also pretty capable of boosting ambient sound, great for commutes if you want to stay aware of your surroundings.


For those who are interested in the specs, the GoPods Neo has 10mm dynamic bass boost drivers, 28 hours o total playback with the charging case that fills up via USB Type-C, dual microphones for calls, and 88ms Super Low Latency mode for better audio-video synchronization when gaming or streaming.


Next stop, we have the DIZO GoPods D for Php999. Despite its cheap price tag, it still managed to provide good sound quality. After all, it has similar 10mm bass boost drivers as the GoPods Neo.

The bass sounds full and thumping. The treble is clear enough, but obviously not the cleanest.


Since it’s cheaper than the Neo, it lacks active noise cancellation. It also has a shorter 20hrs battery life. Still, it has a super low latency mode, touch controls, and environmental noise cancellation for calls.


Essentially, if you want the GoPods Neo but can’t afford it, you can get the GoPods D for half the price, as long as you don’t mind losing ANC.


If you want something more reliable, especially for workouts, here’s the DIZO Wireless. It has a neckband design, so you’re sure it won’t fall out and go missing when you’re running. Plus, it has an IPX4 rating so it can withstand sweat.

Like a lot of neckband-style headphones, this one has a magnetic connection on each bud. You can easily snap them together when not in use, which also automatically turns off the device. Separating the magnets will turn on and connect back to the last paired device.


Since it has a larger 11.2mm bass boost driver, sound quality is better than the aforementioned TWS earphones. Plus, since the buds themselves are a little smaller, it feels more comfortable and less straining to the ears.

The left side of the buds houses the dedicated volume control, which is a huge advantage over the TWS counterparts. There’s also a multi-function button that lets you control the music and incoming calls. The USB Type-C port is also here for charging.


Speaking of which, the DIZO Wireless surprisingly has shorter battery life. As per the company, it can only provide 17 hours of playback, versus the GoPods D and GoPods Neo that can last for 20 hours and 28 hours, respectively. Still, the DIZO Wireless is a competent pair of cans, especially for those who want a reliable workout companion.

To sum it up, the DIZO GoPods Neo, GoPods D, and Wireless are some of the most capable audio devices for the price. They offer decent sound and a set of features that are hard to resist.

If you want more, you can also check out the other offerings from DIZO like the Watch 2 and Buds Z.

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