SKY Broadband has introduced its new Fiber Super Speed Plans.

The new SKY Fiber Super Speed Plans come in three tiers. It starts with the 50Mbps plan that costs only Php1,699 per month. You can double that speed at 100Mbps for Php2,299 per month, while the 150Mbps plan will run you Php2,799 per month.

What’s more, all three plans will have a free speed boost of up to 50% until April 30. That means that the 50Mbps plan will get 75Mbps speeds, 100Mbps to 150Mbps, and 150Mbps to 200Mbps. They will also come with a free modem and 2x WiFi mesh.

But if you want to bundle your internet connection with HD cable TV, there are the 80Mbps plan for Php2,499 per month and 150Mbps for Php2,999 per month.


These plans will come with a SKY Evo Digibox that will give you access to the said SKYcable channels, as well as tons of streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, YouTube, Spotify, and iWantTFC. SKY Cable is also waiving the installation fees until April 30.

You can check the full list of Sky Fiber Unli Broadband plans to see which one fits your needs.

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  1. Does not mention upload speed. They do indeed have data caps, trust me. If you exceed them you get moved to the naughty network which is barely usable. It is good to see the prices go down. The box comes with those apps, but no subscriptions. They do offer some of them as add-ons though, which is convenient. I’d love for them to announce expansions of their actual fiber network. They’ve stepped up notifications of outages, but if it is not a huge outage good luck getting support at all. The twitter is all talk and no action.