Spotify has recently unveiled a new feature called Jam, which offers a personalized and real-time listening experience for groups. With Jam, Spotify aims to take social music listening to the next level by combining personalization technology with popular social features.

Over the years, Spotify has introduced various features that enhance music sharing, such as Blend and Collaborative Playlists. These features were really popular, with more than 45 million Blends created and over 200 million hours collectively spent on Collaborative Playlists. The introduction of Jam further solidifies Spotify’s commitment to facilitating connections and shared experiences through music.

Spotify Jam is now available to all Spotify users worldwide. The feature is accessible to both Free and Premium subscribers, allowing everyone to join in on the fun. However, only Premium listeners can initiate and start a Jam session, as well as invite others to contribute through a shared queue.


During a Jam session, participants can see who added each track to the queue, allowing them to express gratitude for a particularly well-received song choice. Whether you’re cooking together or engaging in outdoor activities, Jam provides a seamless way to share music in real-time. Friends and family can be invited to join a Jam session, regardless of their subscription status or location. Premium listeners can participate from anywhere, whether they’re in the same room or miles apart.

How to use Spotify Jam

To start a Jam session, simply select a song or playlist and click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen or access the three-dot menu within the playlist or song. A “Start a Jam” button will be available. You can also choose the device on which to play the music, be it your phone or a connected speaker. If you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as others in your household, they will receive a prompt to join the Spotify Jam when they open the app.

There are three ways to invite others to a Jam session: by turning on Bluetooth and tapping the phones together, scanning the QR code displayed on your screen, or by sharing the session link.

Once everyone is in the Jam, participants can add their own track to the list, view who included each song, and get personalized song recommendations from each devices. The host of the Jam session has the authority to manage who is part of the session, modify the order of tracks, or remove songs that don’t fit the vibe.

Spotify Jam offers a deeper way to connect and bond over shared musical interests. It allows participants to discover unexpected gems and strengthen relationships through the artists, songs, and albums that unite them. Whether you’re with friends or family, Jam provides a personalized and interactive music listening experience that amplifies the joy of music shared in real-time.

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