Vivo has confirmed its truly wireless earbuds labelled as TWS Neo that will feature a low latency and will see launch on June 1, 2020 together with the X50 Pro.

The announcement was made through the company’s official Weibo account, which coincides with a short video trailer depicting the product.

As per the video, it is likely that the Vivo TWS Neo will come in two color variants—namely, black and white.

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In addition, the wireless earbuds are also said to feature major highlights in producing high-quality audio output as well as low latency. The latter of which being a typical flaw in most earbuds of its kind where audio delay is very noticeable, especially when streaming videos.

If the Vivo TWS Neo lives up to its name in terms of its promise regarding latency, it marks a significant milestone not only for the company, but to the technology as well. 

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