Acer, one of the biggest makers of PCs, laptops, and other accessories took a serious turn after it announced that it will be making an e-bike.

Dubbed the Acer ebii, this e-bike will have a design made for cities. Plus, AI features that can learn the rider’s personal preferences. It can even automatically change gears to match road conditions.



It’s quite easy to transport, too, weighing just 15.9kg, which makes it lighter than most e-bikes in the market.


Acer claims that the ebii can have a maximum assist speed of 32kph with a range of 112km on a single charge. A full charge only takes two and a half hours. What’s more, you can even use the included charger for your smartphone or laptop.

The bike works with the ebiiGO mobile app, where users can check battery information, speeds, recommended routes, and lock or unlock the bike. The bike can even auto-lock when it detects that the phone leaves the area. Oh, and there’s an anti-theft alarm.

Also onboard are collision detection sensors, airless tires, and a light system for every direction.

The price for the Acer ebii is yet to be announced.

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