Gogoro, one of the leading names in the e-scooter industry with its battery-swapping ecosystem, has unveiled its latest flagship smart scooter, the Gogoro Pulse.

The Taiwanese company is yet to unveil the pricing for the Gogoro Pulse. However, their initial press release highlights some key features, which include the Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis QWM2290 chipset, which is meant for “safe and rich digital services.”


It then has a pretty sleek yet intimidating design. Gogoro calls this the AEROFORCE design that helps reduce non-essential drag while also taking advantage of the airflow to cool the motor.

The Pulse is powered by the new Hyper Drive powertrain that offers increased performance while reducing power consumption with Gogoro’s H1 motor and a newly designed power plant.


It also has traction control, 378nm torque via the rear wheel, 11,000 max RPM, and a 9.0kW max power output — all working together to achieve the impressive feat of 0-50km/h in just 3.05 seconds.

Moreover, the Pulse is equipped with an active-matrix lighting system that uses 13 independent LED units. Plus, a new mart Cockpit dashboard with a 10.25-inch touch display showing Gogoro’s iQ Touch HD user interface that has turn-by-turn navigation, and traffic information, and helps you locate Gogoro GoStations for battery swapping. It also lets you switch between Range, Dirt, Touring, City, Tack, or Custom riding modes.


Finally, it works with Apple Wallet and Apple Find My so you can seamlessly lock/unlock and locate the bike.

While the price is yet to be announced, the company said that the Gogoro Pulse will be available in Taiwan in Q2 2024. It should also make its way to the Philippines shortly after and will take advantage of Gogoro’s local Energy Plan prices for battery swapping.

When it lands in the country, it may cost around Php300,000 — higher than the models currently available locally.

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