After Netflix, Disney has apparently begun its crackdown on users who share passwords on its three streaming platforms, which includes Disney+.

Hulu, one of the three Disney-owned streaming platforms alongside ESPN+, sent an email to its users last Wednesday informing them that they will start limiting account sharing for prior and existing subscribers starting March 15. The new rule already took effect for new subscribers last week.


Disney+ and ESPN+ have already updated their respective user agreements to reflect the new anti-password-sharing rule. However, it’s still not clear when the changes will take effect.

As of writing, our Philippine Disney+ account seems to be the same and we haven’t received any notification regarding the new rule. Once it’s effective, you may have to get your own subscription if the one you’re using is not yours — and the best thing you can do is get a discounted Disney+ subscription.

Disney’s move to also crack down on password-sharers is no surprise after learning that Netflix’s implementation generated a staggering increase in new subscribers.

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