Having trouble driving at night? Who doesn’t? But for some people, the situation can be dire and could risk the safety of the passengers, anyone on the street, and the drivers themselves.

Thankfully, a company in Japan is working on something to help address this issue. Kyocera has developed a technology that will put night vision in cars. It is apparently the first “in-vehicle night vision system” in the world.

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The tech can recognize objects in the road that could be a hazard and warns the driver. To make this, the company apparently used a normal headlight bulb and added a diode that can produce near-infrared light.

That combination can illuminate a single light-emitting element that is then captured by an RGB-IR sensor located at the windshield. Quite similar to how ADAS (advanced driver assistant system) works.


It utilizes AI recognition technology to help determine what kind of road hazard is up ahead.

Kyocera says that the car night vision system still needs further development and may not arrive in market-ready vehicles until the next 3 to 5 years.


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