Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it will be building an all-solid-state battery for electric vehicles (EV), which will be commercially available by 2027.

According to Toyota President Koji Sato, the move is the company’s way to play catch up as it falls behind in the EV race. The Japanese giant aims to ship 1.5 million EVs in 2026 by expanding its battery EV lineup and developing new technologies.

“With the evolution of the vehicle’s operating system, the next-generation battery EV will also enable customization of the ‘driving feel,’ with a focus on acceleration, turning and stopping,” Koji said.


The company added that its goal is to shorten EV charging to less than 10 minutes or less, as long charging times have been one of the key drawbacks of most people switching to EVs.

Toyota also said that they are planning to innovate lithium-ion batteries, which are currently used in most EVs. The move will also make such batteries cheaper. What’s more, Toyota is also committed to working on vehicles powered by hydrogen.

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