With the ludicrous fuel prices, you might want to go electric for your daily transportation. Thankfully, there are tons of EV options out there. One of them is this latest electric scooter, the Yamaha Neo.

The Yamaha Neo highlights a removable battery design, so you can easily swap batteries as it runs out. It’s a 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion module that can provide a decent 37km range.


A battery weighs about 8kg and is easily accessible beneath the seat, where you can actually house two of them. The second one acts as a backup as it automatically switches to it once the primary runs out of juice.

Alternatively, you can leave the second one at home while it charges as it takes about 8 hours to be fully juiced up.



Yamaha also brags its quick and controllable acceleration and smooth, quiet, and efficient electric power. The Neo also features a direct-drive hub-mounted electric motor, a universal riding position that fits all sizes, and, selectable ride modes: STD mode for typical road use and ECO mode that reduces battery consumption for a longer 38.5kg range — great for longer rides.


Since it is electric, it has smart features including a smartphone companion app called Yamaha MyRide. Once paired, the LCD instrument display from the scooter can display upcoming notifications. Plus, battery information, consumption and range, and other information need for maintenance. It also helps you locate the scooter from where you last parked it.

The Yamaha Neo also boasts a futuristic yet sleek design to complement its electric nature. The two LED lights on the front mimic the look of vintage bike goggles.


Plus, it has ample storage space underneath the seat. If you only carry one battery, it can offer 27 liters of space, which is enough to carry a helmet or gym gear.

For the full experience, the scooter comes with a Smart Key keyless system — something you’d also see in most modern cars.


Now, let’s talk about numbers. The Neo comes with a 3-phase synchronized motor, 136nm of torque, and charges from 0-100% for about 8 hours using a 220VAC wall charger.

The Yamaha Neo electric scooter will first arrive in Europe this March for a price of EUR2,999 (around Php171,500).

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  1. Only 37KM range? If you’re going to use this as a daily commuter bike going to work, the answer
    will depend on how far is your office from your home, if for example you’re working in MOA (corporate district)
    and your home is located in Marikina (around 30+ kms depending on the district) that 37km range
    only translates to a full charge and you have to wait 8 hours to fully charge the battery in order for you to
    bet back home, that means in those times while you’re in office you cannot use it as often whenever
    there’s a sudden need to go out you have to travel somewhere.