The way technology evolves create such a powerful impact. Consumers enjoy gadgets, but competition also arise from manufacturers. This time, Apple has surpassed the Swiss watch industry in sales.

Strategy Analytics, analysts who addresses the needs of digital companies, reported that Apple Watch surpassed the Swiss watch market by shipping an estimate of 31 million units in the year 2019 (36% boost). The Swiss Watch companies (such as Tissot, Swatch and TAG Heuer) were only able to ship an estimate of 21.1 million units (13% decline). That’s almost a 10 million difference in favor of Apple.

It is possible that young consumers are more drawn towards smartwatches—those produced by Apple—rather than the conventional watches manufactured by the Swiss companies. One feature which boosts Apple Watch’s popularity are its health-related features.


For example, January 2019 saw the launch of the smartwatch’s irregular heart rhythms notification feature. It seems like Apple is focusing more on devices such as its watch than the iPhone so that it can accommodate better features in the future.

Actually, Apple has been leading the smartwatch market for years. It had already surpassed the Swiss watch industry during quarterly sales back in the year 2017. So, it does not really come as a surprise that they can come out on top again.

In the past couple of years, Apple Watch has actually saved multiple lives by preventing a heart attack and detecting a teen’s kidney failure among others.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, answered a question, “What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind? It is about health.”

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