Following the closure of his own co-founded food business, MrBeast Burger, MrBeast allegedly is suing his former business partner, citing ramifications to his brand born from the deal’s blunder as the cause. The famous YouTuber-entrepreneur is said to have filed a complaint against Virtual Dining Concepts for damaging the MrBeast brand with meals deemed subpar among fast food eaters.

Known otherwise as Jimmy Donaldson in real life, MrBeast ventured to culinary back in the tail-end of 2020 alongside the Florida-based company in an effort to boost consumerism on foods amid the ongoing pandemic.

Using Donaldson’s popularity paired with the business expertise of its partner, the MrBeast Burger easily soar to heights upon its launch, marking itself in history for having sold so many burgers in a single day—a feat unique to itself, considering also that the newly-launched brand is without a physical presence.

Essentially operating under the “ghost kitchen” scheme, MrBeast Burger is an enterprise that relies on existing restaurants and establishments for producing its food products. That is, consisting of the typical fast food staple, burgers as well as fries, in exchange for shared revenue.

But therein lies the problem—without a place to call its own, the MrBeast Burger has no control over the quality of the grubs it produces for hungry customers who were willing to pay a premium for the same chows.

With review after review telling how bad the MrBeast Burger food is, the famed YouTuber has finally called it quits with the business after two years—but not without having to part ways and not leaving his ex-business partner with a suit for the damages incurred to his label.

Via: Bloomberg

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