Acer has been developing glasses-free 3D laptops and display for quite some time under the SpatialLabs brand. Now, the company has expanded its 3D technology with a new device, the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera.

With an 8-megapixel resolution per eye and a built-in selfie mirror, the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera gives users the ability to take photos and videos in stereoscopic 3D. Content creators will find it useful for livestreaming 3D content on their social media channels, while employees may appreciate enhanced engagement and productivity during 3D video calls.

Featuring a weatherproof exterior, the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera is also suitable for outdoor use. It offers automatic and touch focus capabilities, with Electronic Image Stabilization further ensuring the footage stays steady and smooth. Experienced photographers can utilize the manual mode for adjusting ISO, white balance, and shutter speed. Weighing only 220 grams, the camera has 1500mAh battery capacity, microSD card slot, and built-in stereo mic.

Coinciding with the introduction of the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera is the announcement of new 3D apps and development tools. These include plugins for Unreal and Unity and the new SpatialLabs Model Viewer pro application, which is designed to improve 3D content workflows, support for major 3D file formats and offer a presentation mode to showcase 3D models.

Slated to be available in Q3 2024, the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera has an official price of $549 in the US.

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