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AMD Radeon VII revealed at CES 2019


AMD’s latest flagship GPU is here and is going against NVIDIA’s RTX 2080. Meet the new AMD Radeon VII.

While it’s still a bit less powerful than NVIDIA’s offering, the AMD Radeon VII is relatively more capable than the RX Vega 10 on the Vega 64 card. This thing uses the new Vega 20 chip, which is built on TSMC 7nm processor.

That’s obviously more impressive than the 14nm processor that the Vega 64 had.


This allowed AMD to improve the boost clock speed to 1800MHz, from the 1564MHz peak clock speed of the Vega 64. It also comes with the new 16GB HBM2 memory subsystem that’s clocked at 2GB/s under a 4,096-bit bus — providing an overall bandwidth of 1TB/s.

The new AMD Radeon VII has 128 ROPs, 60 compute units/3840 stream processor,13.8 teraflops of performance — all of which provides a really capable 4K gaming performance.


But how does it actually perform in games? As per AMD, it can deliver 35% better performance in Battlefield V and 42% in Strange Brigade when compared to the Vega 64. It can also offer 25% higher performance in popular eSports games like Fortnite.

The AMD Radeon VII will be available starting February 7 for USD699 (~Php36,500). There’s a Raise The Game Fully Loaded bundle, which will come with free copies of Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

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