After months of rumors and teasing, the Intel Arc mobile graphics have been finally announced. The new product is a signal that the CPU company is taking graphics more seriously.

The new Intel Arc mobile graphics come in three series: there’s the Arc 3 comes in two models, Arc 5 with one, and Arc 7 again with two.


Arc 3 will obviously be the cheapest and is based on the small ACM-G11 die, while the Arc 5 and Arc 7 will be based on the bigger ACM-G10 die. You can check them out below.

ModelXe CoresRay Tracing UnitsGDDR6 memory
Intel Arc 3 A350M664GB
Intel Arc 3 A370M884GB
Intel Arc 5 A550M16168GB
Intel Arc 7 A730M242412GB
Intel Arc 7 A770M323216GB

The Arc 3 will be available on laptops that has a starting price of USD899 (around Php46,600), while the Arc 5 and Arc 7 will be available at a later date.



Both the Arc 3 A350M and A370M have a 64-bit memory bus. The former is clocked at 1150MHz with 25-45W power while the latter comes in at 1550MHz at 35-50W.

As per Intel, the Arc 3 series can offer 1080p at 60fps gaming. Paired with an Intel Core i7-12700H, the company claims it can handle triple-A titles at medium settings with over 60fps and 90fps on esports games.


The Intel Arc GPUs will feature XMX AI engine, the company’s take on NVIDIA’s Tensor cores that handles AI acceleration. They are also the first to have hardware accelerated AV1 encoding — perfect for content creation apps and software.

Since it’s made by Intel themselves, the company has created new features to make the CPU and GPU work together better. There’s the Deep Link feature for the two chips to share resources for better performance; Dynamic Power Share for intelligent power allocation between the CPU and GPU; and much more.


If you like tinkering, there’s the Intel Arc Control Software, which lets you configure the system for performance adjustments, check game drivers, and more.

Besides its mobile graphics cards, the company also teased the Intel Arc for desktop and even shared what the Founder’s Edition-like design would be.

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