After announcing it back in July last year, Valve has finally launched the Steam Deck.

If you don’t know already, Steam Deck is a handheld gaming console that lets you play games from your Steam library anywhere — answering PC gamers’ prayers for years.


This Nintendo Switch-like device is powered by a custom APU consisting of AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 which should be enough to allow gamers to play triple-A titles on this portable device.

There’s a 7-inch touchscreen that runs on Steam UI, with the controls on each side. There are trackpads and gyro for PC-like controls, thumbstick, shoulder triggers, and grip buttons.


It also comes with a 40Whr battery that can last for up to 8 hours, Hi-Fi audio with stereo speakers and dual microphones, and a single USB-C jack that you can expand via a USB-C hub if you plan on plugging in an external display, mouse and keyboard, external drives, and more.


Since it’s tied with your Steam account, you can play from your PC and switch to the Steam Deck and continue where you left off — all thanks to cloud saving. Also onboard are Steam Chat, Remote Play, access to Steam community and notifications, and of course, Steam Store.



The Steam Deck is now available for reservations and orders in select markets. You can check the variants below. Sadly, it’s yet to be officially available in the Philippines. Hopefully, gaming stores like DataBlitz starts to offer them as the supply stabilizes.

Steam Deck variants


  • with carrying case
  • SRP: USD399 (around Php20,400)


  • Faster storage
  • with carrying case
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle
  • SRP: USD529 (around Php27,00)


  • Faster storage
  • Exclusive carrying case
  • Premium anti-glare etched glass
  • Exclusive Steam community profile bundle
  • Exclusive virtual keyboard theme
  • SRP: USD649 (around Php33,200)

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  1. The Steam Deck is a simple, easy-to-use platform that lets you play games on your desktop, without having to leave your Steam account or lose your games.