While Microsoft dubbed their Windows 10 as ‘a service’, there has been new information that the multi-million company confirms that Windows 7 will require monthly charges starting from January 14th of the year 2020.

As stated in a blog post from Microsoft entitled “Helping customers shift to a modern desktop”, the initiative was decided as the said date will end Microsoft’s “Extended Support” for Windows 7 – according to the company’s lifecycle page.

According to Microsoft, since users should have upgraded their device to Windows 10 already, they could have just cut all Windows 7 users by January 14th 2020 which will leave their data unsecure and vulnerable. This is where monthly charges was taken as an alternative if they don’t upgrade to Windows 10.


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This means that there would be no patches and no security updates unless users pay for it.

On the other hand, Jared Spataro – Corporate Vice President for Office and Windows Marketing, and author of the company’s blog post – did not specify the pricing for per-device’s Extended Security Updates. Microsoft also noted that the cost will increase each year.

Moreover, this will only be applicable to Windows 7 Professional users in Volume Licensing.

Source: Forbes

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