Local tech brand CHERRY, the folks behind the popular gadget brand Cherry Mobile, celebrates 11 years with brand ambassador Kim Chiu.

Cherry Mobile has been around for more than a decade now, making Kim Chiu one of their longest brand ambassadors as she’s been with the brand since July of 2010.


Kim Chiu is one of the most influential celebrities in the local industry. Hailed as a fashionista, one of the first Cherry Mobile devices she helped sell was the X90 Blush that came out back in 2010. It was a feature phone that swivels and has a chic pink color that is also really compact.

She recalled her first product shoot for Cherry Mobile:

“The shoot has got to be one of my favorite memories—if we’re talking about the beginning of my journey with Cherry Mobile. I remember how giddy I was upon seeing my unique wardrobe for the shoot and finally getting a hold of the X90 which was dubbed as ‘my Kikay phone’. It was so cute.”

— Kim Chiu

The actress has mastered her craft over the years as she moves from sweet roles to more mature ones.

Cherry Mobile likens itself to one of its most prominent ambassadors. Over the past 11 years, CHERRY, the company that started with only four mobile phones to sell, now has four brands under its umbrella: Cherry Mobile, Cherry Home, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, and Cherry Pet.

“My and CHERRY’s evolution is multifaceted, and it is humbling that we have witnessed all this together. I am extremely proud of my CHERRY family for becoming an established brand and now being able to offer an array of products. It feels fulfilling, thinking that we’ve both already gone a long way,”

— Kim Chiu

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