The price increase for Disney Plus has been announced, as well as the subscription fees for other Disney-owned streaming services, Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Starting December 8, the pricing for Disney Plus will be increased to USD10.99, or around Php600 when directly converted to Philippine pesos. That’s USD3.00 more than its current price of USD7.99 (around Php400).


But don’t fret, if you still want to pay the same USD7.99 amount per month, you can do so sometime in December, but it would come with ads.

On the other hand, also come December 8, Hulu will start to cost USD7.99 per month from USD6.99 — still with ads, while the ad-free tier will soon cost USD14.99 (around Php800.00) from USD12.99.

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Lastly, ESPN Plus will cost USD9.99 (around Php600) from USD6.99. The price increase will take effect come August 23.

Disney head Bob Chapek said that the subscription tiers with ads will have “lower ad load and frequency” to ensure that viewers will still have a great experience. Moreover, kids’ profiles will be spared from advertisements.

The announcement was made during the company’s earnings call last Tuesday.

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