You don’t have to lie. We know that there are more people who have access to your Netflix than what your subscription tier allows you to.

Whether it’s a basic, standard, or premium plan, it doesn’t matter how many friends or family have access to your Netflix username and password, as long as you remember a few key details — things that we’re going to talk about here.

How many people can access my Netflix account?

Pretty much anyone can have your Netflix username and password. The only rule is that only the number of users/screens allowed on your plan can watch movies/shows simultaneously.

For example, if you have the Standard plan that allows for 2 screens, only two users are allowed to watch at the same time, even if three or more people can access your account.

How many users can watch Netflix on the same account simultaneously?

Each Netflix subscription tier comes with a respective number of how many screens it can play at the same time. You can see them below.

  • Mobile-only Plan: one user at a time
  • Basic Plan: one user at a time
  • Standard Plan: two users at a time
  • Premium Plan: four users at a time

Each plan also comes with its own unique features. You can check our Netflix plans comparison for more details.

What happens when you exceed the Netflix screen limit?

Let’s say you have the Premium plan that allows for four screens playing at the same time — the fifth user who attempts to watch something on Netflix will get a notification that the account has exceeded the limit.

The prompt will also reveal what profile the existing four watchers are using, the device they are watching on, and the movie or series they are watching.



How can I bypass the Netflix screen limit?

There’s one trick, but it’s only available for mobile users on the Android and iOS/iPadOS versions of Netflix.

What you can do is download the movie/show for offline viewing. Then, watch it with the data/WiFi off, so Netflix can’t count you as an existing watcher.

How to sign out users on Netflix?

Step 1: Open your Netflix account on a web browser.

Step 2: Access “Account” via the drop-down menu on the top right corner.

Step 3: Scroll down and click “Sign out of all devices.”

How to check who has access to my Netflix account?

Open Netflix on a desktop or mobile browser > Account Settings > Tap “Recent device streaming activity”. From here you’ll see the device, location, IP address, and the last time any user used your Netflix account.

That’s it. Those are the number of people who can watch Netflix on your account at the same time, as well as knowing if you exceed the limit, checking the users who accessed your account, and how to sign them out.

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