Have you heard of Nestflix.fun? No, not the most popular streaming service that’s expanding into video games soon. We’re talking about a “platform for your favorite nested film and shows.”

At first glance, Nestflix can be easily mistaken for Netflix. But as soon as you browse for content, you’ll know this one is made for laughs. Security freaks don’t need to sound the phishing alarm.


From dramas and comedies to thrillers and westerns, there are numerous fictional content listed on the site from real movies and television shows. To name a few, there’s Coilette: A Calculon Story, Two Brothers, and Simple Jack.

Nestflix creator Lynn Fisher made the site as a wiki disguised as a streaming platform. There’s even a working search function to search for your favorite shows within shows. Had there been actual video trailers, Nestflix would be perfect.

If you’ve got a fake show that isn’t featured on Nestflix yet, head to this link to contribute.

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