Partnering up with Internet celebrities and 100 Thieves content creators Leslie Ann “Fuslie” Fu and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, AcadArena is launching gaming scholarships, which will include the group’s prominent convention, CONQuest.

In celebration of her comeback to the Philippines for this year’s CONQuest, Rachell Hofstetter is launching the “Valkyrae’s Homecoming Scholarship,” which will be granted to deserving gamer students or scholars who display exemplary management of gaming and studies. Three lucky individuals will be the recipient of the Full Ride Scholarship, which amounts to Php180,000 and gives them the chance to meet Valkyrae personally during June’s CONQuest.

Meanwhile, Leslie Ann Fu will also be running her scholarship program, which is specially geared toward female gamers—the Fuslie’s Scholarship for Women in Gaming. The scholarship hopes to encourage women gamers to take center stage and be advocates of a safe and inclusive gaming industry. Two fortunate individuals will be the benefactors of the Full Ride Scholarship, which amounts to Php135,000 as well as the opportunity to get up close and personal with Fuslie.

Lastly, a single lucky individual attending CONQuest can also be a recipient of the event’s scholarship or an equivalent to a Php100,000 grant.

To become a beneficiary of the three scholarships, the person must be a Grade 12 student or an undergraduate student at the time of the event. Application to the three scholarships already kickstarted. Valkyrae’s and Fuslie’s scholarships are scheduled to close on May 22, 2023, while the CONQuest scholarship application will end on May 26, 2023.

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