There’s no denying that the information and communications technology (ICT) sector is one of the trendiest and biggest moneymakers in the world today. The good thing is there are tons of courses and institutions that let you attain knowledge that will give you the right skills to be ICT-ready.

One of those institutions is Google. If you study with them, they will get you a Google Career Certificate that should look very appealing to employers once you apply for a job.

Together with Google, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in the Philippines is offering a free scholarship for those who want to obtain this certificate.


This program is offered through DICT’s ICT Literacy and Competency Development Bureau (ILCDB), in partnership with local telco Globe Telecom and Google through its GCC Scholarship program.


So, are you interested on getting the free Google Career scholarship from DICT? Let’s show you how.

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What are the Google Career courses offered by the DICT?

You can pick different fields within the ICT sector. With Google, here are the courses that you can take:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Data Analytics
  • IT Support
  • Project Management

Who is eligible for DICT Google Career scholarship?

In order to qualify for the scholarship, you should be:

  • 18 years old and above;
  • a Filipino citizen and resident;
  • able to complete the online course using a personal device or gadget.

Meanwhile, the priority for nomination will be given to the following people listed below. They are in order of preference.

  • Individuals who are part of the disadvantaged unemployed segments (ex. non-essential workers, employees in industries that were hardest hit by the health crisis, etc.)
  • Individuals who are likely to hold less stable jobs
  • Vocational students taking a technology-related qualification
  • University students taking a technology-related qualification

Who are not qualified to get DICT Google Career scholarship?

  • Nominations will not include professionals that are already working in the technology sector.
  • Relatives of any person in DICT tasked with the responsibility of such nomination.

What are the requirements for a Google Career scholarship from DICT?

  • School Registration form (or equivalent) in PDF format with a filename format: [LastName]_SRF_[date uploaded in this format:]. The file will be uploaded through the online application form (more on this later).

How to apply for Google Career scholarship from DICT?

Step 1: Open the Google Forms link here. Choose your region.


Step 2: Type your email address and click “I Agree” on DICT’s Data Privacy Statement. At the bottom of the page, click Next to get to page 2 of the form.


Step 3: On page 2, type personal information such as your name, gender, birthday, and address. Scroll down, click next, and continue filling up the form until you finish everything on page 7.


Step 4: The waiting process begins. You shall receive updates on your application via the contact details you’ve provided.

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These are the things you should know about how to get a free Google Career Certificate from the DICT. If you’ve already tried the application or the courses itself, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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