Murder mystery party game Among Us has a new major update that adds new roles and abilities to the game to spice things up, along with a new way for players to get cosmetics and customizations for their avatars.

Already available for download, the Among Us update (version 2021.11.9) introduces four new roles: the scientist, engineer, guardian angel, and shapeshifter. The crewmates, aka the good guys, can take on the first three roles, whereas the impostors can become the shapeshifter. Each role has specific skills they can use to help their team win the game.

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The scientist, for example, has access to vitals and informs their fellow crewmates if someone has died without seeing the body in person. The engineer can take shortcuts via vents. The guardian angel, or the first crewmate to die, can help prevent imposters from killing another victim. Meanwhile, shapeshifting imposters can appear as one of the crewmates so they can frame an innocent crewmate for murder.

As for customizations, the update is introducing “cosmicubes,” essentially a system that lets you take different paths of unlocking cosmetics. These items are purely for aesthetic purposes and do not have any impact on the gameplay.

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