As Anito Legends, a game being made by Filipino developer Masayato, inches closer to an early access launch later this month, two new features are making their way into the game—cloud save and player-versus-player (PVP) mode.

Per Anito Legends Chief Executive Officer James Chua, the game is “headed for a very exciting time in the next few months,” citing how the Cloud Save and PVP system will be giving beta testers a deeper insight about Anito Legends as it makes for an early access launch this “August 2022.”


Cloud Save takes advantage of cloud technology where players can store their progress and continue where they left on any supported device via the internet. Meanwhile, PVP lets players play competitively against other players in a match to prove who is the stronger force.

Speaking on the implementation of Cloud Save and PVP system Anito Legends Chief Operating Officer Erick Garayblas tells how the early roll-out of the two systems would be crucial in making everything work with efficiency and with security on the back end, leading to a “convenient gameplay experience” for the entire player base and community.

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