Wemade, the South Korean game developer of MIR4, revealed the new Relic System for its widely popular MMORPG.

With a total of 10 stages, the MIR4 Relic System can improve players’ stats, depending on the level. Each Relic comes with its own unique effect like HP and attack enhancements. Relics can also be enhanced further by gathering materials to improve them. After the attributes have been maxed out, players can still level up the Relics to make it more powerful.

The latest MIR4 update also released Dragonworld’s Rift, which is a new battle content available in labyrinths all over the MIR continent. When players defeat the monsters inside the rift, unique monsters and bosses will appear to challenge the gamers.


Treasure Chests can be obtained by slaying rare monsters. Inside it, players can get rewards like Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone, Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone, and Epic Blue Dragon Statue.

Aside from the new MIR4 Relic System and Dragonworld’s Rift, Wemade also launched the “Brag” feature. This lets players interact with other gamers, get buffs, and earn in-game resources. However, the usage of this function is currently limited to the village.

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