There’s a rumor spreading about a cheat going rampant in Apex Legends, one that they say can somehow slip past the game’s anti-cheat system. Honest players are, of course, pissed.

You see, normally when a player feels someone is cheating in Apex, they would spectate the latter’s gameplay, look for abnormal behavior to confirm their suspicion, and submit a report.


But apparently there’s a new software being used by these cheaters that alerts them whenever they have spectators watching them as they play, at which point they’ll automatically hide or deactivate their aim bots, wall hacks, and other active cheats, so they can appear innocent and lessen the chances of getting reported by other players.

The ability to know if you have spectators while playing used to be a feature in Apex Legends, by means of an eye icon (right beside the kill count) with a number indicating how many spectators are watching. But this was later removed via a patch because of the potential abuse.

Right now, we only have the word of players and streamers, such as top-ranking player HisWattson of FURIA Esports, to vouch for the cheat’s existence, although none have yet to present concrete evidence to prove their claim. It’s possible, as one commenter in HisWattson’s tweet puts it, that the spectator number feature still exists in the game code and hackers might have found a way to exploit it.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to make a statement about this new cheat.

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