Ever since Nintendo released the NES Classic, several gaming companies followed suit and launched their own retro gaming consoles so fans can experience a blast from the past. This year we’re getting a new Atari home video game console, noted to be the company’s first new console in so many years. It’s called the Atari VCS.

As hardcore Atari fans know, the name Atari VCS is a throwback to the Atari 2600, which was released in 1982 and originally branded as the Atari Video Computer System. As a gaming console, the Atari VCS will feature a mix of 100 games from the arcade and Atari 2600.


But the Atari VCS is more than a console with a nostalgic look and feel because it also functions as a modern computer. Users will be able to install Windows or Linux operating systems. There’s a preinstalled Chrome browser and Google Workspace apps for online productivity, as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime video for streaming entertainment. Connectivity features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support for 4K.

The starting price of the Atari VCS is $299.99 (approx. Php14,400) for the base-level model Onyx. An all-in bundle for $399.99 (~Php19,100) comes with a classic joystick and a modern controller.

The Atari VCS will officially launch on June 15 in the US.

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