A large China-based company, claimed to be the “world’s biggest” and whose merchandise involves selling video game cheats, is raided by the Chinese police, catching its operators and impounding assets worth $40 million.

As per BBC, the company goes by the label “Chicken Drumstick” and illegally peddles cheats for various video game titles, including Overwatch and Call of Duty. Said enterprise offers its service on a per subscription service, with a cost ranging from $10 per day to $200 per month.


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Coming as part of the bust, the police managed to seize high-value assets of the company, which includes “several luxury cars.”

While it’s uncertain as to whether or not that the business unit is indeed the biggest of its kind, it’s clear, however, how much money it’s generating, considering the valuation of the confiscated properties. It also gets to show how people are willing to spend some cash just to gain an unfair advantage, and to their false merit, in certain competitive titles.

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