Blacklist International revealed that it will be cutting ties with Lunatix immediately, following reported cases of mishandling and lack of overall backing of its MDL team.

The decision to terminate the partnership and the subsequent announcement followed a case of “internal investigation,” according to the organization.

Blacklist International will be taking the responsibility of the MDL team from the day of the announcement until the current season ends. Subsequently, the esports organization is asking for the continued support of Blacklist Academy throughout the remainder of the MDL season.

An issue arose concordant to Blacklist Academy’s poor performance during the MDL event, which puts the team at the lowest ranking. There it was revealed the many struggles the team had to suffer before the start of the competition.

From getting kicked out of their boot camp to non-payment of salary of the players and to the absence of financial support for everything else, Blacklist Lunatix Team Manager Eviann Balquin details the events leading up to the competition, via an exclusive interview with

At the core of the issue is Lunatix PH’s failure to honor its duties with the Blacklist Academy. The team of which only seemingly able to be managed thanks to the resourcefulness of the individuals actively supporting the team.

Before getting the sympathy of other organizations, Blacklist Academy was under the guidance of Balquin and others who had to pitch in for the expenses, despite them similarly not getting payments for their jobs.

Reportedly, they and all of the Blacklist Academy players have not been receiving their wages for a few months.

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