Cabal Online fanatics in the Philippines will soon be able to bring and play the multiplayer, role-playing experience into their mobile devices, as developer ESTgames and its Southeast Asia publishing platform Asiasoft has reached an agreement to launch an English version of Cabal Mobile to the Philippines soon.

Fans will be happy to know that a lot of the features they’ve enjoyed in the original PC game will be present in the mobile adaptation as well. These features include PVE and PVP settings such as dungeon raids, guild wars, and faction wars. The skill combo system is also present.


Eight playable classes are available to choose from: blader, force archer, force blader, force gunner, force shielder, gladiator, warrior and wizard.

Cabal Mobile first arrived in South Korea in 2019. The original Cabal PC, meanwhile, launched in 2006 and has, since 2008, amassed 6 million registered users and remained one of the top-ranked MMORPG in the Philippines.

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