Chia, an upcoming cryptocurrency is causing a stir among crypto miners in China, causing an increased demand for hard disk drive and solid state drives.

With miners perceived to be mass buying hard drives that span anywhere between 4TB and 18TB, as per HKEPC, the skyrocketing demand is feared to cause both increasing prices as well as shortage in the future.

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Said cryptocurrency is particularly special, differentiating itself among its peers in the digital currency space—where conventional mining method is heavily dependent upon computing power from processors and graphics card or ASICs, Chia is generated and gathered from storage space.

Created by BitTorrent creator, Bram Cohen, Chia is described as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency due to its relatively lower energy consumption than the existing mining methods. Adding also to its appeal is its very accessibility and better affordability than a more expensive computer component, like a mining GPU.

Via: Tom’s Hardware

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