Hardware storage consumers will have something big to look forward to with their demand for large-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) as Seagate plans to push the envelope.

According to a recently disclosed product and technology roadmaps, the American data storage company is seeking to launch 50TB HDDs by 2026, 100TB HDDs by 2030, and going beyond 120TB by 2040.

To achieve its goal, the company is said to adopt a groundbreaking magnetic recording technology as well as the extensive utilization of the multi-actuator technology.

With high expectations of the new methods’ efficiency through doubled performance, it is believed that the technology could set a standard for Seagate’s product lines.

The notion of Seagate hitting its target objective is not without its basis. With know-how in how to effectively expand the areal density of its platters and the means to further experiment on it, the company, to say the least, is indeed poised to innovate in that regard down the road.

Via: Tom’s Hardware

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