Samsung has established a new record for the fastest 5G speed following an experiment that sees a single smartphone device—the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21+—reaching a speed of 5.23Gbps.

The latest effort contradicts the South Korean smartphone maker’s previous attempt at the same feat which required the employ of two devices, subsequently setting the industry record of 8.5Gbps.


However, given the technical considerations, the test slightly varied from that of Nokia and Qualcomm at Finland, which is regarded as the world’s fastest 5G network speed at 8Gbps.

Attaining the record, however, is not without its underlying technical preparations. In the case of Samsung’s newest test, it involved the seamless employ of both 4G and 5G via E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology. More specifically, the method sees the synergistic power of 4G’s 40MHz frequency and 5G’s 800MHz frequency in the mmWave spectrum.

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