Like it or not, there’s a lot of money to make on mobile games. This is why a lot of developers are bringing their triple-A PC and console titles to smartphones, like Activision and its latest Call of Duty: Warzone game.

Activision subtly made the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile official by posting job listings for the development of the game on its Twitter accounts and website.



Obviously, the job posting didn’t reveal any details about the game. But it says that the developer wants to create an “all-new, AAA mobile experience” that will bring COD: Warzone for mobile gamers.

That essentially means that the game will be developed natively for mobile devices and will not be a direct port of the PC and console versions.

The listing also said that the game will feature “cutting-edge technology” that’s meant to entertain gamers for “many years to come.”, which also hints that it may receive constant changes and updates over time, much like the main versions of the game.

If you’re confused, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile by Activision is different from Call of Duty: Mobile that’s been around since 2019, which is developed by TiMi Studio from China.

Since they’re still hiring people to help develop the game, and considering that it’s being developed natively, we may have to wait longer to see this game.

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