It looks like Russia plans to legalize piracy as it aims to ease the sanctions that were imposed by Western countries after it started a war with Ukraine.

Russia is said to be easing its copyright laws, which essentially means that it’s legalizing the piracy of video games, movies, TV shows, software, and more.

The move was proposed by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to help offset the effects of the sanctions.

“The possibility of lifting restrictions on the use of intellectual property contained in certain goods, the supply of which to Russia is limited, is being considered,” the ministry said.


“This will smooth out the impact on the market of breaks in supply chains, as well as the shortage of goods and services that arose due to new sanctions by Western countries.” it added.

A Russian media outlet reported that the government has announced that Russian companies can use intellectual property from any nation that sanctioned them without paying patent fees.

As for pirating movies and TV shows, a Russian politician named Dmitry Ionin even suggested that they unblock the use of RuTracker, a torrenting site that will help pirate Hollywood Films.

Via: IGN

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