In the last few years, video-on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix have become really popular in the Philippines. But despite that, a new survey suggests that about half of Filipinos still watch video content illegally.

A new poll conducted by YouGov, commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), revealed that about 49% of Filipinos watch video content from piracy websites.

In the Asia Pacific, the Philippines is in the top three of the eight countries surveyed in different periods from 2019 to 2020. The list was led by Vietnam and Thailand, with 50% and 53% of their population committing video piracy. The bottom seat was taken by Singapore, which only had 17% of its people watching content illegally.

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The reason why people still watch pirated content is unclear, especially now that there are tons of streaming services out there, which also have competitive pricing. Based on the survey, 47% of the Filipinos who pirate content had their streaming subscriptions canceled.

Although, most Filipinos said that they are aware of the negative effects of piracy for the Philippines. 50% of the Filipinos surveyed agreed that piracy can result in joblessness among those who work in the creative industry. 55% believed that it allows people to benefit from other people’s work, and 49% are aware of the malware risks of downloading illegal content.

What’s interesting is, 53% of the respondents said that government intervention — through laws and regulations — should be done so internet service providers could block illegal video streaming and downloading websites.

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