Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is rolling out new test servers that will enable users to experience content before the official launch.

Officially, the game is still in the later stages of Season 4 and won’t be heading to the next season until after a few weeks. But with the implementation of the said test servers, players can choose to jump to Season 5 and be part of those who are as curious about getting a feel for the up-and-coming content. Like, for example, being able to try a brand-new assault rifle that will come exclusively with the new season.


To do so, however, would require the players to install a COD Mobile Season 5 Test Build APK of the upcoming season of the game. There are three versions of the package installer to choose from—32-bit, 64-bit (c/o CODM_murdablast),and iOS Testflight—which would correspond to different users, based on their device.

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