Fortnite High Stakes Skin

Epic Games recently revealed the limited time only game mode at PAX. The newest game mode was originally planned to drop this September 6, but it might be delayed due to “controller issues”.

The new Fortnite game mode titled “Getaway” will task players to find 4 safes that are scattered around the entire map and retrieve a Crystal Llama. Once you find a safe, you can now try to pick lock it. Be careful though, when opening up a safe, because you’re vulnerable to attacks. This is where playing with a squad could be handy.

After you successfully open a safe and retrieve the Crystal Llama inside, you’ll have to carry the loot back to your getaway van. The first 4 teams to bring back a Crystal Llama to their getaway van, wins. There are still some things that we have no information about.


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Along with the new game mode, new skins, glider and a weapon will be introduced in the Fortnite update.

Let’s start with the skin first, or should I say, skins? The new skin is titled as the “Wild Card” it’s a white suit that has 4 different mask options, as seen from the picture above.

There are reports that these masks will be unlocked by completing various high stakes challenges.

Aside from the new skin, a new weapon called “The Grappler” will also be introduced. This “grappler” is actually more of a plunger. The new weapon can help you traverse the battlefield and get sneaky kills on your unsuspecting enemies.

The newest Fortnite update is scheduled to drop on the 7th of September.

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