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The video game streaming industry really starting to explode. Thanks to platforms like Twitch, aspiring streamers now has a solid stage to show what they are made of.

Playing video games and earning money from it is everyone’s dream job. However, you have to be more than just a good gamer for people to throw money at you.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the great examples of a good streamer. Ninja is known for streaming one of the most popular games around — Fortnite.

Ninja’s recent stream with the Canadian rapper Drake reached an unbelievable 600k concurrent viewers, which set a record for both the streamer and the game.

In an interview with CNBC, Ninja said that people watch his Twitch streams not only because he is great at playing Fortnite, but also because of the overall entertainment factors that he adds to it.

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Ninja do a lot of impressions and other funny shenanigans on his streams, which makes the overall broadcast really fun to watch.

With that, Ninja was able to accumulate a total of $500,000 (~Php26 million) in total revenues per month. All of this came from Twitch, Twitch Prime (Amazon Prime bonus) revenues, and donations.

He’s also earning money from his YouTube channel which just crossed 5 million subscribers. He’s also starting to make a mark on other social media platforms.

As an advice, Ninja tells aspiring streamers to stop thinking about quitting school or day jobs to secure their future if playing and streaming games don’t work out for them.

Source: CNBC (Twitter)

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