It appears that a couple of GTA Online players in PS4, Xbox One, and PC have had their accounts completely wiped.

A report from Comicbook says that Rockstar Games wiped the money, or even reset the entire characters, of some GTA V Online players on all platforms, as these players supposedly took advantage of a recent glitch in the game.

The glitch in subject is the Apartment Money Glitch, which allows players to make a lot of money by exploiting a glitch in the game’s apartment-buying feature. It has been patched by Rockstar in a recent update, but persistent players still managed to find a workaround.

Now, it looks like Rockstar Games is going after the players who abused the said glitch. It’s been reported that users received notifications saying that their characters are being wiped in different degrees.

Some players lost their money, while extreme cases had their entire character, from the money to the entire game progress, completely reset.

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There are still players who haven’t received the sanctions, but they will definitely get the consenquences sooner than later.

This may sound extreme, but Rockstar Games have actually done this in the past. Previous glitches were patched and the players who abused them got the punishment the publisher thinks they deserve.

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