Despite already seven years old, GTA Online has one of the most annoying quirks since the beginning. No matter how fast your computer or your internet is, there’s no going around its unbearable long loading times.

It’s so long that it’s been a subject for a lot of memes. You can literally make a meal, take a break, or do other stuff as a GTA Online session is loading. It didn’t help either when the game was sold for free in the Epic Game Store and accumulated tons of new players, clogging the servers.

But apparently, GTA Online’s loading times can be drastically decreased. A tech-savvy player named tostercx posted a fixed code in GitHub that’s said can reduce loading times by up to 70%.

Albeit, they do warn players that it’s more of a proof concept and may not be ready for casual use.

It’s said that the long loading times are partly due to the terribly optimized code and a 10MB JSON file that contains 63,000 entries. When an item is found, the checking then runs again and again. tostercx estimates that the checks happen about 2 billion times.


Apart from the fact that the game is only running on a single core inside tostercx’s CPU, this has been one of the biggest bottlenecks.

But after a couple of fixes in the code, tostercx’s usual 6-minute GTA Online loading time dropped to about 1 minute and 50 seconds. That’s a 69.4% improvement.

Interestingly, the user claims that a single developer within Rockstar could save it within a day.

Via: PCGamer

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