In a rare partnership that will see the popular MOBA and beverage drink maker in a partnership, League of Legends and Coca-Cola are teaming up for a limited-edition drink, which comes with unique in-game rewards.

League of Legends creator Riot Games and Coca-Cola are joining forces to launch the Coke Ultimate—which is the same familiar drink but comes with a one-of-a-kind cover, showcasing the product’s will-be historic presence.

Beginning June 12, the Ultimate variant, to become available in both zero sugar and normal, will be made accessible exclusively to consumers in both the United States and Canada.

Following the concept of “experience points” as seen in the MOBA, the Coke Ultimate seeks to bring forth the feeling of progression in-game—one specially made visible via the “+XP Flavored” label on the packaging.

While fans of the sweet drink will like the new product offering with its cool new looks, League of Legends aficionados are certainly in it, too, but also for a different reason—to get some in-game missions, which come with their respective rewards if completed.

There will be three missions, overall, each with its corresponding limited edition icons; and anyone participating in the campaign will have until July 17 to complete them all.

The first assignment will have the participant obtain 7 assists in a single game, exclusive of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), or earn 500 points by playing and winning games. Completing this mission will grant the player the “Crushed It” icon as a prize.

Finishing the first assignment will automatically unlock the second assignment, which will ask the participant to get 12000 gold in a single game, exclusive of TFT, or earn 500 points by playing or winning any games. Finishing this mission will render the participant the “Ultimate Games” icon reward.

The third and final mission, then, becomes available as soon as the second assignment is finished, which will require the participant to win a game in under 20 minutes or earn 500 points by playing and winning games. By achieving the objective, the player is rewarded with the “Ultimate Tempo” icon.

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