Amid community backlash, Minecraft developer Mojang announced that it will not include blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT) in its game, citing many potential reasons associated with the emerging tech.

In an official blog post, the now Microsoft-owned company explains the studio’s stance against both blockchain and NFT.

First, the game studio highlights the importance of giving users equal access to content, one that with the introduction of NFT could insinuate the element of scarcity and exclusion which contradict it. More specifically, the studio refers to the “creative inclusion and playing together” aspect of Minecraft.


Adding more to the list of reasons, Mojang raised the concern over the likelihood of fraud, the presence of unaccountable managers, and the artificial inflation of pricing, to name a few.

At the present state of both blockchain and NFT, Mojang is committed to not adopting the technology, as highlighted by a line of text stating an outright rejection of their probable implications to the game.

Although, Mojang doesn’t deny keeping an interest in their development. But in the meantime, the idea simply is not feasible.

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