The tenth season of MPL Philippines starts on August 12 with several matches scheduled over three months. The winner of this season, if previous years are any indication, will advance to the M4 World Championship in January 2023 along with the best Mobile Legends teams from other regions/countries.

With the chance to compete in the most prestigious event at stake, all participating teams will surely be at the top of their game to try and win MPL PH Season 10. Here is the list of teams participating in MPL Philippines Season 10, along with their full rosters.

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Blacklist International


M3 World Championship winner Blacklist International had a terrible run in MPL PH Season 9, but the team is working on returning to the top this time around. Their comeback plan includes the return of the “V33Wise” duo to the team roster.

Jonmar Villaluna “OhMyV33NUS”Midlaner/Roamer
Danerie James Del Rosario “Wise”Jungler
Kiel Soriano “OHEB”Gold laner
Salic Imam “Hadji”Midlaner/Roamer
Edward Dapadap “Edward”EXP laner
Mark Jayson Gerardo “ESON”Roamer
Kent Xavier Lopez “KEVIER”Jungler
Dexter Alaba “DEX STAR”Roamer/Analyst

Bren Esports


Bren Esports revealed its roster last week for the tenth season with two additions—Michael Angelo “KyleTzy” Sayson and Rowgien Stimpson “Owgwen” Unigo. Both rookies will be making their debut in the tournament.

David Canon “FlapTzy”EXP laner
Kenneth Fedelin “Saxa”Jungler
Angelo Arcangel “Pheww”Midlaner
Vincent De Guzman “Joy Boy”Roamer
Marco Requitano “SUPER MARCO”Gold laner
Jomari Pingol “Jowm”Gold laner
Vincent Unigo “Pandora”EXP laner
Michael Angelo Sayson “KyleTzy”Jungler
Dale Vidal “Stowm”Midlaner
Rowgien Stimpson Unigo “Owgwen”Roamer



ECHO PH believes it has curated a team that’s capable of going after the championship title. Members include former Bren Esports player Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno and returnee Jaypee “Jaypee” Dela Cruz.

Karl Nepomuceno “KarlTzy”Jungler
Tristan Cabrera “Yawi”Roamer
Benedict Gonzales “Bennyqt”Gold laner
Jankurt Matira “KurTzy”Midlaner
Frediemar Serafico “3MarTzy”EXP laner
Alston Pabico “Sanji”Midlaner
Jaypee Dela Cruz “Jaypee”Roamer
Justine Palma “Zaida”Jungler
Johnville Villar “Outplayed”Gold laner
Sanford Vinuya “Sanford”EXP laner

Nexplay EVOS


Nexplay EVOS has added four new members to its lineup, including former Onic roamer Karl Mico “Micophobia” Quitlong. The roster also includes streamer Setsuna “AkoSiDogie” Ignacio along with returning players Lance “LanceCy” Cunanan and James “Jeymz” Gloria.

John Paul Salonga “H2wo”Jungler
Mariusz Tan “Donut”Gold laner
Renejay Barcase “RENEJAY”Roamer
Jeniel Bata-anon “YellyHaze”Midlaner
Mico Quitlong “Micophobia”Roamer
Emanuel Candelaria “Elpizo”Midlaner
James Gloria “Jeymz”EXP laner
Ken Louie Pile “Kzen”Jungler
Lance Cunanan “LanceCy”Midlaner

Omega Esports


The runner-up of the ninth season debunked rumors that its mid laner and team captain Patrick James “E2Max” Caidic would not be returning this season. The team also welcomed new member Deomark “Mikko” Tabangay.

ONIC Philippines Perhaps the most notable member of Onic this season is famed MLBB streamer and top YouTube content creator Edgar “Choox” Dumali. The team only retained one member from the previous season—Nowee “Ryota” Cabailo.

Patrick Caidic “E2MAX”Midlaner
Joshua Mangilog “Ch4knu”Roamer
Dean Christian Sumagui “Raizen”Jungler
Billy Alfonso “Z4pnu”EXP laner
Duane Pillas “Kelra”Gold laner
Deomark Tabangay “Mikko”Roamer
Renz Cadua “Renzio”EXP laner
Kiel VJ Hernandez “Kielvj”Midlaner

RSG Philippines


The main members of RSG Philippines Mobile Legends remain the same, and that includes MSC 2022 MVP Eman “Emann” Sangco. But the defending MPL champion and MSC 2022 winner has also added two new members, John “1rrad” Tuazon and John “Perkz” Sumawan to fill the jungler and roamer roles, respectively.

Eman Sangco “EMANN”Gold laner
Dylan Catipon “Light”Roamer
Jonard Cedrix Caranto “Demonkite”Jungler
Nathanael Estrologo “Nathzz”EXP laner
Arvie Antonio “Aqua”Midlaner
John Sumawan “Perkz”Roamer
Dexter Martinez “Exort”Midlaner
Elyson Caranza “Wrecker”Midlaner
Clarense Camilo “Kousei”Gold laner
John Tuazon “1rrad”Jungler
Kenneth Jiane Villa “Kenji”EXP laner

TNC Pro Team


The TNC MLBB team performed relatively well last season by taking third place in the playoffs. This time, the roster still largely consists of the same faces as last year but will be managed by a new head coach.

Ben Maglaque “Benthings”Roamer
Daniel Chu “SDzyz”Jungler
Joemarie Delos Santos “Escalera”Midlaner
Mark Rustana “Kramm”EXP laner
Salman Macarambon “KingSalman”Jungler
Robee Bryan Pormocille “Yasuwo”Gold laner

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