Microsoft, on the weekend, released a video depicting what seems to be a tease for the 2023 launch of Minecraft’s latest entry, Minecraft Legends.

In co-development with Homeworld 3 and Hardspace: Shipbreaker developer Blackbird Interactive, Minecraft Legends is an “action strategy title” that sees next year as its release window, per Microsoft during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday.

Set with the premise of an invasion by “piglin,” players are given the objective to defend the Overworld from beings hell-bent on corrupting their homeland.

A task suited for more than just an individual, players will have the chance to establish friendships and alliances, and bolster defenses against the invading forces, in a bid to save the world from destruction.

While players can play cooperatively online, there is also a place for competition in it, too, with multiple players able to engage in a competitive play.

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